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Altitude SL M Brackets

Altitude SL M Brackets
Altitude SL M Brackets
Altitude SL M Brackets
Altitude SL M Brackets
Altitude SL M Brackets
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20pcs (5-5) with hooks 3,4,5.

„RMO®“ Altitude SL M® 

Emphasizing more on inter-bracket distance, lower frictional resistance, and smoothness. We have created an extra small profile, rounded slot edge, and a fully rounded contour design. 

Altitude SL® M, the self-ligating bracket that gives you more control and comfort from start to finish.

BRACKET MATERIAL: 17-4PH Stainless Steel

BASE MATERIAL: 304 Stainless Steel, 80-gauge Mesh PRESCRIPTIONS: Roth, MBT

SLOT SIZE: 018 & .022


Smooth, Rounded Profile

Ball End Hook

Optional Ligation


Two-Piece Mesh Construction

Smooth Rounded Slot Lead-in

Patented Rail Design Door Notch

Door Closed Gingivally

Base Palmer Notation

17-4PH Grade SS


Enhanced patient comfort

Added patient comfort through minimized cheek irritation

Ideal finishing and ligation

Optimal slot alignment reduces guesswork and chair time

Consistent and predictable bonding

Easy wire placement and insertion for quicker wire changes

Lower friction and binding on wire

Provides reliable, stable door retention

Quick and easy to open and close

No instrument required

Keeps door closed positively with chewing

Easy, permanent bracket identification

Molded for high strength and rigidity