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FLI Clear Brackets

FLI Clear Brackets
FLI Clear Brackets
FLI Clear Brackets
FLI Clear Brackets
FLI Clear Brackets
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Available Options

20pcs (5-5) with hooks 3,4,5.

12pcs (3-3) with hooks 3.

FLI® Signature Clear Brackets offer natural aesthetic appeal to patients with the same reliable functionality preferred

by doctors.

MATERIAL: Polycrystalline Clear Ceramic – 99.9% Pure Alumina Oxide

PRESCRIPTIONS: Roth, MBT, & Bioprogressive

SLOT SIZE: .018 & .022


Tie wings with deep undercuts and


Fully transparent

Smooth, polished surfaces

Low-profile with rounded contours

Smooth, flared archslot

Patented mushroom style base

Contoured base design

Polycrystalline Ceramic


Easy, more secure ligation

Unmatched aesthetics and true natural appearance

No cloudy appearance as compared to traditional ceramics

Exceptional patient comfort

Improved sliding mechanics – less binding

Less friction than traditional ceramics

Superior bond performance and strength

Consistent debonding – greater confidence without sacrificing strength

Optimum adaptation to tooth surfaces

Unmatched clarity and improved fracture strength