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FlashMax P4 Light Curing Pen

FlashMax P4 Light Curing Pen
FlashMax P4 Light Curing Pen
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FlashMax P4 Light Curing Pen

* Highest output intensity of LED curing lights

* Light tip can adjust ±15° for better access to distal regions of the mouth; 8 mm light tip is ideal for use with fixed appliances.

* Economical unit provides less heat without sacrificing power and efficiency

* Treat the upper and lower arches with maximum efficiency using the bilateral

control buttons. Identical control buttons on either side allow you to rotate the

light to achieve the best angle for maximum bond strength

* A battery-operated, cordless hand unit that provides maximum office flexibility

and convenience

* Three curing modes for enhanced bonding versatility and operating efficiency

* Peak Output Intensity: 6,000 mW/cm2

* Curing Modes: 1s/3s

* Wavelength: 440 nm – 480 nm

* Weight : 120g

* Battery: LiFePO4

* Recharge Time: 2.5 hours

* Dimensions: 225mm x 25 mm

* Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years