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TruLock Metal Conditioner

TruLock Metal Conditioner
TruLock Metal Conditioner
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Metal Conditioner, 15ml

TruLock® Conditioners are primers that help provide the optimal bonding surface

for adhesives. The metal conditioner is used for amalgam, gold or stainless

steel surfaces. The plastic conditioner is used on plastic brackets, composite

restorations or acrylic appliances. The porcelain conditioner can be used on any

ceramic appliance that will be enamel bonded.

* Application: TruLock® Conditioners are used in addition to etching to provide

a stronger and more robust bond between various surfaces. Each conditioner

may be applied to its respective surface to condition the surface for bonding

* Appearance: Clear colorless liquid

* Shelf Life: 30 months. Recommended storage range is 2°C/36°F to 27°C/80°F