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Brand: RMO orthodontic wax sticks 50xModel: ECM1360
50 box/bulk pack. 6 sticks/Box To protect the mucous membrane of the cheeks and the lips during the first days after the placement of brackets and bands..
Brand: RMO Permanent Force SpringsModel: ECG0350
10 pcs/pack* 2 sizes (9mm and 12mm)* 5 force levels (50, 100, 150, 200 & 250g)* Constant forces during unloading* Force identification on spring* Material: NiTi..
Brand: RMO Positioning GaugeModel: ECM0860
Positioning Gauge* Standard heights : 3,5 - 4 - 4,5 - 5 mm..
Brand: RMO Posterior Band Removing PlierModel: i00347
Posterior Band Removing Plier* Long chisel tip with carbide insert* Occlusal nylon pads are replaceable* Nested or adjustable axle..
Brand: RMO Preformed Ligature (Kobayashi)Model: A01202
100 pcs/pack* Stainless steel* Quickly and easily tied in place without removing arch wire* Spot welded to form hook* Slipped under tie wing and tied* Hooks adapt to up/down usage..
Brand: RMO Preformed Ligature WireModel: E00700
1000 pcs/pack (Regular)500 pcs/pack Short twist500pcs/pack Short twist IVORY100 pcs/pack IVORY* Stainless steel – dead soft* Precise convenient shape for quick use..
Brand: RMO Retainer Chain (GOLD)Model: ECE0710
Spool - gold (75cm)..
Brand: RMO Retainer Chain (Stainless steel)Model: ECE0712
Spool - Stainless steel (75cm)..
Brand: RMO Rotation Wedges 5xModel: J00174
5 pcs./pack GREY* Produces rotational force by snapping perforated tab over tie wings of bracket, inserting arch wire in groove of wedge and ligating opposite tie wings of bracket to arch wire* Wedge acts as fulcrum between bracket and arch wire* 10 ligatures per stick* Latex-free..
Brand: RMO Separator, Sticks 100xModel: J00177
100 pcs/pack (Blue color)* 0.191” (4.85mm) outside diameter* 10 ligatures per stick* Latex Free..
Brand: RMO Separators, Cut 1000xModel: J00178
~1000 pcs/pack (Blue color)* 0.170” (4.32mm) outside diameter* Latex Free..
Brand: RMO SpatulasModel: ECM0314
Spatulas* Stainless steel..
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