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Mouth Guards

Mouth Guards
Mouth Guards
Mouth Guards
Mouth Guards
Mouth Guards
Mouth Guards
Mouth Guards
Mouth Guards
Mouth Guards
Mouth Guards
Mouth Guards
2-14 w.d. delivery
Possible delay due to quarantine
 4 new mouth guards for athletes.

For children from 10 years Age - mouth guards adapted to patients with  brackets (various flavors)

Children from 12 years age - standard protection (black)

Standard - black,
Blackberry flavor - adapted to patients with  brackets.
Fruit flavors - adapted to patients with  brackets.
Chewing gum flavors - adapted to patients with  brackets.

Material: All tooth protectors are made of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), also known as polyethylene-vinyl acetate (PEVA).
Taste - provides long-lasting sensation (100 + h.). Polyflav® - a special food impregnant, free of BPA, phthalates, latex and heavy metals.
Special groove for braces - provides comfort

Made in the USA

1. Fill a bowl with 3-4 inches of ice water. Fill a glass with 3-4 inches of room temperature water.
2. Fill a pot with 5 inches of water and heat to approximately 180 degrees (equivalent to water used for hot tea or coffee). Remove water from heat source.
3. Attach the tether strap to mouthguard.
4. Submerge mouthguard into hot water for no more than 40-50 seconds.
5. Carefully remove mouthguard from hot water and place in glass of room temperature water for 1-2 seconds max.
6. After licking your lips, immediately place the mouthguard in your mouth.
7. Using a mirror, line up the mouthguard with the center of your upper teeth. Ensure proper alignment by using fingers to press the mouthguard up and back toward the roof of your mouth.
8. Close mouth while biting down firmly. Suck in strongly to draw out all air and water in the guard. While biting down, use fingers to continually press against your lips and cheeks for 40 seconds to push the material upward and tight against your teeth and gums. Leave in your mouth for approximately another 40 seconds.
9. Remove mouthguard and place in ice water for 5 minutes to set the material. Replace into mouth and test for a secure fit. Tether can be removed. Repeat steps 1-9 if fit is not perfect.

1. No boiling required. Place mouthguard in mouth and carefully fit over braces and brackets. Mouthguard will fit comfortably and securely when braces are aligned in the Custom Channel over braces.
2. Carefully remove mouthguard to avoid dislodging the braces brackets