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Metal Self Ligating

Brand: RMO Alpine SL BracketsModel: KM12102
20pcs (5-5) with hooks 3,4,5.RMO®’s Altitude SL® Brackets - Fully interactive metal self-ligating bracket,with Nickel-Titanium spring clipIt’s all about precision, speed and control with the fully interactive metal Alpine SL® bracket. The Nickel Titaniumspring delivers continuous and consistent..
Brand: RMO Altitude SL BracketsModel: KM05102
20pcs (5-5) with hooks 3,4,5.RMO®’s Altitude SL® Brackets are the new solution to low-friction, passive self-ligation technology that delivers trustedresults and treatment efficiency. Fast and efficient treatment is attained by effortless door activation and optimalsliding mechanics. Altitude SL® of..
Brand: Shinye FLEX M1 series Brackets SLModel: 83M3-25I
20pcs (5-5) with hooks - 3,4,5.Use special opening tool or dental probe to open and closeReliable structure even after open and clone a hundred of timesTypes: MBT (022 with hooks 3,4,5), Roth (022 without hooks)..
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