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Brand: RMO Elgiloy (Blue- soft) Retainer WireModel: E00230
Blue Elgiloy® (soft) Retainer Wire 14” (35.56cm) Lengths* Recommended when the wire to be used is .030 or larger and when considerable bending or soldering is required...
Brand: RMO Flat Lingual Retainer Wire 3-Strand Model: W3L0510
3-Strand Flat Lingual Retainer Wire.010 x .028  10pcs/pack.A bonded, flat wire for permanent or semi-permanent retention of tooth position aftertreatment is well known. Bonded to the lingual surface, it is aesthetic, unobtrusive, andrequires little patient cooperation.* Made of fully annea..
Stainless Steel
Brand: RMO Retainer Chain (GOLD)Model: ECE0710
Spool - gold (75cm)..
Brand: RMO Retainer Chain (Stainless steel)Model: ECE0712
Spool - Stainless steel (75cm)..
Stainless Steel
Brand: RMO TRU-CHROME® SS Retainer Clasp WireModel: E00065
TRU-CHROME® Stainless Steel Retainer Clasp WirePackage contains 5pcs.* Clasp Wire Temper is between the resilient arch wire and the retainer wire* It is soft enough to be instrument formed to the clasp configuration* Forming gains sufficient hardening for the pliering to have satisfactory spring res..
Stainless Steel
Brand: RMO TRU-CHROME® SS Retainer Wire, No. 2 TemperModel: E00080
TRU-CHROME® Stainless Steel Retainer Wire, No. 2 TemperPackage contains:.028” ( 0,711mm) 10 pcs.030” (0,762mm) 10 pcs.032” (0,812mm) 10 pcs.036” (0,914mm) 10 pcs.040” (1,016mm) 6 pcs* Retainer Wire, No. 2 Temper is softer than arch wire, which enables the operator to more easily ..
Stainless Steel
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