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Band Instruments

Brand: RMO Band Adapter (RMO)Model: i00064
Band Adapter (RMO®)* Durable plastic bite block and RMO® tempered stainless steel band seating pin* For bite or hand rocking bands* White plastic handle* Serrated pin* Replacement bite block (can be installed at chairside)* Cold sterilize..
Brand: RMO Band Pusher (RMO)Model: ECi0300
Band Pusher (RMO)* Stainless steel handle – square with chamfered corners* Ergonomic rounded handle..
Band Pusher/Scaler (Guequierre) *Dual scaling surface*One end has sharp curved scaling head with serrated tip on the other..
Brand: RMO Band Setter (Mershon)Model: i00303
Band Setter (Mershon)* Stainless steel tip with straight grooves* One piece made for ultra sonic cleaning* Hexagonal stainless steel handle with rounded end..
Brand: RMO Bitable Band SetterModel: ECi0010
Bitable Band Setter* Plastic handle* Triangular tip in hardened steel* Cold or autoclavable sterilisation..
Brand: RMO Ligature Remover and Band SeatingModel: i00349
Utility Scaling, Ligature Remover and Band Seating Instrument (Schure)* Precision knurled handle* Sharp scaling shape on one end and serrated band seating tip on the other* Heat-treated tips maintain sharp edge for extended use..
Brand: RMO Posterior Band Removing PlierModel: i00347
Posterior Band Removing Plier* Long chisel tip with carbide insert* Occlusal nylon pads are replaceable* Nested or adjustable axle..
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