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Wire Bending Pliers

Brand: RMO GEAW PlierModel: ECi0884
GEAW Pliers* The GEAW Pliers- specially designed to bend GUMMETAL wires for the GEAW system* The two sides of each beak of pliers are circular in shape with a diameter of 1.3mm to allow bending of a loop on either side. The beak has a configuration of a four-step pyramid...
Brand: RMO Lingual Arch Forming PliersModel: i00420
Lingual Arch Forming Pliers* Designed to form double back and triple back bend in either .030” (0.762mm) or .036” (0.914mm) wire for inserting in lingual sheaths* Double back groove is close to the plier joint to assure adequate forming* Recommended for use with 3D® FIXED/REMOVABLE™ (Wilson®) for pa..
Brand: RMO Loop Pliers (Tweed)Model: i00548
Loop Pliers (Tweed)* Includes one extra replacement tip* It has three sections of .047” (1,2 mm) .063” (1,6 mm) and .080” (2 mm) or two sections depending of models* Concave beak prevents wire nicking and ensures more uniform loops; for making Omega loops* For up to .020” (0.508mm) wire..
Brand: RMO NiTi Bending PlierModel: i00161
NiTi Bending Plier..
Brand: RMO NiTi Crimping Pliers (up to 18x25)Model: ECi0878
Lingual Arch Forming Pliers* Cinch Back plier : up to .018” x .025”..
Brand: RMO NiTi Crimping Pliers RegularModel: T00160
Lingual Arch Forming Pliers* Forms a smooth bend or crimp without nicking Nickel Titanium wire* .022” x .028” (0.559mm x 0.711mm) Rectangular..
Brand: RMO Stop/V-Bend PlierModel: T00221
Stop/V-Bend Plier* Special design makes 1mm “V” bends to shorten arch wires or provide a positive stop* Excellent for placing stops in Nickel Titanium wires* Box joint..
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