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Springs, Ligatures etc.

Brand: RMO Compression Springs (Open Coil)Model: F00200
Nickel-Titanium Compression Springs (Open Coil)3 pcs/pack* Cost effective alternative to maintaining a large office inventory of sizes of variable (adjustable) force coil springs cut to desired length* Material: NiTi..
Brand: Shinye Crimpable hooks 10xModel: 9120-227
Crimpable hooks 10x (ball top) 2,7mm10 pcs/pack..
Brand: RMO Permanent Force SpringsModel: ECG0350
10 pcs/pack* 2 sizes (9mm and 12mm)* 5 force levels (50, 100, 150, 200 & 250g)* Constant forces during unloading* Force identification on spring* Material: NiTi..
Brand: RMO Preformed Ligature (Kobayashi)Model: A01202
100 pcs/pack* Stainless steel* Quickly and easily tied in place without removing arch wire* Spot welded to form hook* Slipped under tie wing and tied* Hooks adapt to up/down usage..
Stainless Steel
Brand: RMO Preformed Ligature WireModel: E00700
1000 pcs/pack (Regular)500 pcs/pack Short twist500pcs/pack Short twist IVORY100 pcs/pack IVORY* Stainless steel – dead soft* Precise convenient shape for quick use..
Stainless Steel
Brand: RMO TRU CHROME LIG WIRE small spoolModel: E00120
TRU CHROME LIGATURES WIRE .007 / .008 / .009/ .010/ .012/ .014/ .016/ .020 - SMALL SPOOL 1OZ* Stainless steel – dead soft..
Stainless Steel
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